About Us

At Certified Hoops Training Center, we specialize in teaching, training, and coaching fundamental basketball skills to athletes of all ages. Breaking out students into specialized skills training groups, we can accommodate as many as ten athletes at a time.

Our groups are based on such factors as skill level, skill-specific focus, and team development needs. Individual one-on-one coaching sessions are available as well, and they are known to produce fast and enormous results, with a laser-sharp focus on your personal shooting, dribbling, speed, agility, and defensive techniques.

Our team is passionate about bringing out the best in our athletes, making the good great and the great even better. At Certified Hoops Training Center, you will unlock potential you never knew you had.

Our programs are engineered to counteract the relative dearth when it comes to basketball skill training facilities in Georgia, especially the Greater Atlanta Area. Operating every day of the year, we are committed to eliciting transformations from our athletes and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Valuing hard work and higher expectations above all else, we encourage our athletes to set goals, such as making their high school varsity team, increasing productivity on their college team, and simply staying in peak physical condition.

Passionate about what we do, our team operates with a high level of enthusiasm that is infectious. We are natural leaders and a skilled motivators. Let us take your game to the next level!