Patechia “Phat” Hartman

Phat is our Head Trainer. As an athlete, fitness trainer, and coach, I have devoted my life to understanding the limits and the capabilities of the human body and to getting the most out of every moving moment. I was a member of the US National Basketball Team in 2013, in addition to serving as an assistant coach at Tri-Cities High School and currently an assistant coach at Westlake High School. To me, success is impacting lives and ensuring there is forward progress in any athlete with focus on their skill development, basketball IQ as well as exposure.

My basketball career includes over 10 years of professional play with Icelandic Klub Keflavik, Hungary, Serbia, and Taiwan. In addition I was selected as the first pick of the 2011 draft by the WUBA GIE Lady Matrix. Later that season, I was named the MVP of the League and went on to win the WUBA Championship and become the MVP of the WUBA Finals.  I was also the Head Coach for Atlanta Metropolitan College.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Georgia State University, graduating in 2006, after playing Division I basketball for the Panthers of Georgia State University, my jersey was later retired.  I am also currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Project Management at Strayer University.

In the world of basketball, I am known for my ability to connect with people regardless of their backgrounds. I am a skilled trainer, an expert communicator, and an effective teacher. My clients know exactly what to expect from me when it comes to their basketball education.  My approach to the sport is intense and passionate, which results in a high quality teaching experience.  I am commited to pushing every athlete beyond their known potential.


Talisa Green is the owner and CEO of Certified Hoops Training Center.  She has ten years of experience as an NCAA Division I women’s basketball official, and she currently works with nine top NCAA Division I conferences, including the ACC Big 10. On top of that, she has refereed at the NCAA Division I National Tournament (“The Big Dance”) in the first round of play that past 2 years. 

As a referee, Talisa has seen it all. She likes to say that she has “the best seat in the house,” witnessing firsthand the talents that young athletes bring to the table and seeing time and again the lack of fundamental skills with which these athletes tend to struggle. She launched the Certified Hoops Training Center in recognition of this issue and in order to give kids a chance to level up their basketball IQ’s, developing their abilities in ways that the high school and AAU teams simply don’t.

Passionate about what we do, our team operates with a high level of enthusiasm that is infectious. We are natural leader


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Certified Hoops Training Center provides fundamental basketball skills training for all ages.

We are committed to making athletes greater by elevating their skills to exceed their unknown potential.

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