Our Trainers


Talisa Green

Talisa Green is the owner and CEO of Certified Hoops Training Center.   She has over 10 years experience officiating at the Division 1 NCAA level, and she currently works with over 10 top Division 1 conferences which include the ACC, Big 12, Big 10 and the American Conference.  On top of that, she has also officiated multiple rounds of the NCAA Division 1 National Championships also known as “The Big Dance”.

As a referee, Talisa has seen it all. She likes to say that she has “the best seat in the house,” witnessing firsthand the talents that young athletes bring to the table and seeing time and again the lack of fundamental skills with which these athletes tend to struggle. She launched the Certified Hoops Training Center in recognition of this issue and in order to give kids a chance to level up their basketball IQ’s, developing their abilities in ways that the high school and AAU teams simply don’t.

Passionate about what we do, our team operates with a high level of enthusiasm that is infectious. We are natural leader